Vancouver’s skytrain update & Commercial Drive Updates

Vancouverites are very excited about the new SkyTrain extension that is in full swing, the first of three lines should be completed ahead of the 2010 Olympics! The Greater Vancouver Transport Authority (Translink) is responsible for operation and development of the system which already has a network of two lines running 49.5 km around the city center.

The SkyTrain network is being extended by 30.5km with the construction of the Canada Line and the Evergreen Line. Construction of the 19.5km Canada line has been underway since Sept 2007and is due open in 2009. The Evergreen Line was originally planned to open around the same time, but due to costs the lines opening has been pushed back till 2011.

Off the beaten downtown path, between Broadway and Venables street lies Commercial Drive, an area rich in cultural diversity.
The area is easily accessible by SkyTrain, which has a stop at the intersection of Broadway and Commercial street.

The Drive (as locals call it) is a Vancouver area in which you can find cafes, ethnic and organic grocery stores and restaurants featuring Italian, East Indian, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Mexican, Vietnamese and vegan cuisine.

There is a large hippy population that frequents the numerous health- conscious cafes and alternative clothing stores along this popular strip that continues to maintain a certain scruffy charm.
It is truly a laid back atmosphere with great dining and the best espresso, a great way to spend a sunny or rainy day!


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